Auto-Diverting Tub Spout System with Shower Head

Diverter Style
Shower Head & Pattern

  • Say Hello to a Better Shower.

    Featuring ShowerStart TSV technology, the ADTS delivers hot water up to 2X faster and provides more hot water for showering while saving up to 15 gallons per shower. Revive your bathroom with this forward-thinking tub spout and shower head combo to enjoy the definitive fusion of comfort, convenience, and conservation.


  • Features

    • Reduces wait times by delivering hot water up to 2X faster and automatically diverts hot water to the shower head when it arrives.
    • Helps your hot water last longer - saves gallons every shower.
    • Enjoy the freedom to multitask instead of waiting, waiting, waiting for your hot water to arrive.
    • Anti-leak design eliminates tub spout leaks while showering.
    • High pressure full body spray (single function version) or add massage and soap up pause with our multifunction version.
    • Standard shower head and hand held styles available.
    • This product can help a building earn Water Efficiency points in the LEED Green Building Rating System.
    • Ideal for multifamily properties participating in Green Loan programs.

    Tub Spout:
    • Integrated ShowerStart TSV technology Designed for use in homes with static water pressures >30 psi
    • For installation on tub/shower combinations with tub spout diverter – for bathrooms with wall mounted diverters - see our In-Wall Diverter option

      Size: 6.25" x 3.125" x 3"
      Chrome polish finish
      Includes mounting hardware for copper and galvanized plumbing

    • UPC certification
      3 year warranty 

  • Shower Head Model:
    Chrome polish finish
    3.25 in. spray face
    Full body spray (single function head)
    1/2-inch NPT connection 
    Removable lanyard
    WaterSense and UPC certifications
    3 year warranty

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California Prop 65 Warning This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defect or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after installing or removing this product.

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