Get Your Hot Water up to 3X Faster!

More Comfort
More Convenience
More Savings

Say Hello To A Better Shower

  • Speeds hot water delivery so shower is ready in seconds
  • Conviently stops empty showers from running on and on
  • Saves water, energy, and lowers utility bills without changing shower feel or flow

Your New Get-Ready Routine

Fast Hot Water

Turn shower on. Unit's EXPRESS PORT clears residual cold water from the plumbing lines quickly so your hot water arrives in seconds, not minutes.

Hot Shower Standby

INTEGRATED TEMPERATURE SENSOR automatically pauses flow to stop empty shower from running on and on if you happen to be away (brushing teeth, using toilet…) when hot water arrives.

Great Feeling Shower

ShowerStart Expess doesn't impact your showerhead's feel or flow. Simply press SPRAY ACTIVATION LEVER, step-in, and begin showering.

$100’s less expensive, easier, and more energy efficient than hot water recirculation or on demand pumps!

Add ShowerStart Express To Your Showerhead Today!

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Cold Water Exits Fast
So Hot Water Arrives Faster

Bypasses showerhead's restricted flow (1.5 - 2.5 gpm) and rapidly removes residual cold water from the shower's plumbing lines at speeds up-to 5 gpm.


Hot Shower Standby

Automatically senses when bathing temperature water arrives (~98F°) and temporarily reduces flow to a trickle to prevent unintentional hot water use before actual showering begins.


Starts Hot, Full-Flow Shower Head Spray

Stops the Express Port's paused flow and starts showerhead's full-flow when bather presses lever to begin showering.

Save Water & Energy while Lowering Utility Bills in Three Comfortable Ways…


Fast Hot Water

reduces thermal loss,and resulting water and energy waste, as hot water travels from the water heater to the showerhead.


Hot Shower Standby

stops a warm shower, and resulting water and energy waste, from accidentally running down the drain if bather is away when hot water arrives.


Collect the Cold

Use the H2O Collection Kit's hose andmounts to conveniently route the cold water exiting the Express Port to a container you provide. Repurpose collected water for other needs throughout your home – pets, plants, laundry…

Add the H2O Collection Kitto repurpose the clean, cold water for other needs throughout your home.


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